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To carry out the laboratory work in the shortest possible time and economically in accordance with the current, the national and/or the international standards or the defined test methods and on the basis of impartiality, independence, honesty, confidentiality, reliability and the legal conditions by providing good technical practice conditions.

The objective of SANICA Experimental Laboratory is; to use the best level of technological test equipments in accordance with the test methods and standards by showing good professional practices with the expert staff who are constantly trained in respect to the subject matter, who know their target, to satisfy the experiment requests from the customers at the highest possible level, to use the reference/standard materials necessary for precise completion of the tests, to activate, if possible, the provision of the test quality through benchmark measurements made with the national/international laboratories, and thus, to minimize the possible customer complaints by considering the customer satisfaction as a fundamental principle.

The purpose of SANICA Experimental Laboratory; to minimize all the factors which have a negative impact on the test results by effectively applying the management system with the participation of all the personnel.

All of the SANICA Experimental Laboratory staff; have been working in accordance with the policy and the procedures prepared in conformity with the conditions of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and the laboratory management undertakes to comply with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards and to carry out the studies necessary for the continuous improvement of the efficiency.