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Our establishment, having the certificates of: ISO 9001 Quality Management System / ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System / ISO 14001 Environmental Management System / OHSAS 18001 Workers’ Health and Safety Management System is committed to:

• Adopting the principle of continuous improvement,
• Applying teamwork with all our staff,
• Constantly improve the training level of its staff,
• Cooperate with its suppliers,
• Always offer the highest quality products to its customers and to keep the customer satisfaction at top level,
• Adhere to the requirements of the quality management system and ensure that its effectiveness will be improved continuously,
• Adhere to all legal requirements-legislation in terms of the operations of our firm
• Ensure economic and ecological balance in the planned production activities
• Continuously improve the environmental performance over time
• Follow the national environmental legislation and fulfill the relevant obligations
• Raise awareness and train all of the company employees and our suppliers with regard to
reducing of the environmental pollution and for protection of the environment
• Set an example for third parties by our targeted environmental performance
• Arranging and updating our company according to the structure and size of the business risks (workers’ health safety)
• The prevention of injuries and health deterioration and the continuous improvement of work management (workers’ health safety) and work performance (workers’ health safety)
• Ensure that the employees are aware of their own individual work responsibilities (occupational health safety).

Our company’s management systems policy is open to public scrutiny.


In the production of,

• Panel Radiators
• PVC, PE, PP and PE-X pipes and fittings
• Acrylic bathtubs and shower stalls
• Shower Cabins Systems
• Hydromassage Systems
• Built-in reservoirs


has proved its name and quality on the market and with TSE certificates of conformity and CE has also proved that they were produced in conformity with the standards.

Our company carries out its production and system activities with its own professional staff. As a result of the work of trained engineers and technical team who were specialized in their own work, come up reliable and healthy products, finished in time. All departments communicate and coordinate with the best opportunities of the technology.

Our company has adopted the principle of “quality first” as a management and a production insight. Our firm, which focuses on brain power and experience it has, defines the professionalism as a process management that combines the corporate values with the productive values, and selects and chooses and directs its employees on the basis of this definition.


Our company accepts as a company policy to always offer to its customers the highest quality products and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level.


Our company regards the guarantee of environmental quality as the basic activity principle and undertakes to constantly improve its environmental performance in order to ensure economic and ecological balance in the current production activities and to make it become a corporate culture.

Our company has adopted the principle of “environment first” as an understanding of management and production.

We take the utmost care to reduce the possible pollutants arising from all our company activities and which are likely to be given to receiving environment, to follow the national environmental legislation and to fulfill the related obligations, and to fulfill our commitments without delay by regarding them as our reason for being (raison d’être)


Our company’s ISG Management System has been prepared based on ISO 18001 standards. ISG Management System brings responsibility for implementation for all company employees. The ISG (OHS) Management System is applied within the company to ensure continuity and its efficiency is being constantly improved.

Our ISG (OHS) Management System has been prepared by taking into account the mandatory requirements of OHSAS 18001 standards and our company’s processes.

Our company has established activities to keep track of business safety legislation and the regulations created by the other related structures, to be informed of the possible changes in a timely manner, and to communicate this information to other interested parties who are in contact with the departments of our company.

Our company has defined the applications and the activities related to the risks that control measures should be taken for and ensured their continuity.